The Arena Of The Unwell

The Wild Eyed Boy From Hull

Arnold Same
I'm a student from Hull. I live, learn and procrastinate in Manchester.

Yeah, that just about covers it.
1996, 80s kids shows, a perfect circle, air, apathy, bbc news, beavis and butthead, beck, being a music snob, being skint, being unorganized, big gilmour guitar solos, big_brother_and_the holding_company, bjork, blondie, blur, bob dylan, boycotting stuff, captain_beefheart_and_the_magic_band, caravan, christopher walken, cocteau twins, coldplayish, colosseum, colourful cocktails, comfort eating, crap dancing, curry, david bowie, dennis pennis, dinosaur jr, divine comedy, doc martens, drinking, dubstar, echo and the bunnymen, education, eels, eggs, elastica, escapism, eyes, family guy, father ted, female vocalists, festivals, flaming lips, forgetting to sign on, george orwell, glastonbury, groove armada, harry enfield and chums, hating the daily express, having itchy feet, helena bonham carter, hole, hotels, hull, i am kloot, iggy and the stooges, jack nicholson, james bond, jeans, jesus and mary chain, joy division, kate bush, kenickie, kraftwerk, kronenbourg, leather jackets, lists, lost, lou reed, love with arthur lee, manic street preachers, men behaving badly, mercury rev, milk, moaning about conservatives, my bloody valentine, new order, nick mason's trousers, nick_cave_and_the_bad_seeds, not liking student humour, not liking text speak, not trying enough, old radiohead, people watching, pet sounds, peter gabriel's dress sense, pink floyd, pixies, placebo being shit, politics, posters, primal scream, procrastination, pulp, pyramids, rem, resisting nestle, richard ashcroft, roger waters, roxy music, saint etienne, second albums, shooting stars, sigur ros, sleeper, sleeping, slouching, smashing pumpkins, sod, sonic youth, spiders nightclub, spiritualized, stubborn manics obsession, suede, summer, super furry animals, swearing, syd barrett, talking heads, teardrop explodes, tents, thatcher's britain, the beatles, the birthday party, the clash, the cure, the doors, the empress, the fall, the fast show, the pogues, the prodigy, the smiths, the sugarcubes, the velvet underground, the verve, the who, toast, trainspotting, true romance, tubular bells, unhealthy lifestyles, wikipedia, withnail and i, writing, yo-yo dieting